American Herstory: Changing the Face of History

Fascinating Learning Factory is delighted to act as fiscal sponsor for AMERICAN HERSTORY,
an important and timely journey into the vital roles that women have played in the development
and civilizing of the United States.  Largely overlooked and undervalued, women’s contributions to
America’s growth have led us to a better educated, more rational and more empathetic society.
Today, the effects of these forward thinking women are finally being recognized and celebrated
and the Learning Factory is proud to play a role in greatly enhancing this effort.

-Bunnie Strassner, Executive Director, Fascinating Learning Factory

American Herstory:
Changing the Face of History

A 10-part national video series produced by Jill Tietjen and Brian Doubleday

Everyone can remember a film or video that was life-changing
American Herstory will be one of those experiences.

American Herstory is an engaging, edgy and illuminating 10-part video series, that takes a fresh and revealing look into the lives of extraordinary—and more often than not—ordinary women in American history whose ideas and abilities led to archetype-shattering innovations and achievements that blazed the path for the women and indeed, the America, of today—and tomorrow.  No longer will our history be the singular domain of the men who have written it. 

Jill Tietjen, co-author of Her Story:  A Timeline of the Women Who Have Changed America, has seen the reactions of both young women and young men – as well as adult women and adult men – when they learn about the significant accomplishments of women throughout U.S. history – accomplishments that contributed to our quality of life and standard of living today – and which NO ONE knows!  When women’s accomplishments are acknowledged, our society – and the world – will be a better place for all.

Ms, Tietjen and Emmy Award-winning Producer Brian Doubleday have formed a production company, American Herstory LLC, that will produce a series to entertain and transform a viewer’s understanding of our history long after its initial release.  Each episode focuses on a single topic—for example, science, the arts, or business—and takes viewers through an engrossing, dynamic journey exploring the lives and times of noteworthy American women who persevered through the ignorance, derision, and absolute repression fostered by the “man’s world” culture they were born into.  American Herstory is a meaningful new telling for young and old, male and female alike.

We are currently in preproduction,  assembling a team of creatives and a skilled, experienced crew that will bring our vision to life, starting with our choice of a director.  We will be developing scripts and storyboards for all of the episodes----we plan to find new ways to blend archival and historical footage with imaginative and enlightening modern video treatments; we will explore unique new ways to make this series contribute to a real change in the public’s view of our history.

Fortunately, we are producing this series in a time of tremendous change in film and video distribution and exhibition.  The old rules of studio and network control no longer apply, and we will seek the most advantageous path to reaching our audience--whether that be Netflix, Hulu, Apple, YouTube or some new entity that has not yet made its appearance.  We anticipate that our marketing will be almost entirely through social media, the new and most effective way to reach millions of viewers who are naturals for desiring to see our content.  We will begin those efforts by seeding the Internet with captivating and easily sharable clips once we begin production.  We remain open to new ideas as the content distribution universe evolves.

We are funding this production completely through donations, both private and foundation, keeping control of the content and distribution decisions giving us the greatest latitude when making those critical choices.   We invite you to become part of this world-changing series that will forever alter the way American history is taught and learned.  We are counting on a groundswell of support from women and men everywhere for our efforts.  We will change the world!

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The Fascinating Learning Factory, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to Learning through Media, is the fiscal sponsor for this film and accepts tax-deductible donations on behalf of the production company, AMERICAN HERSTORY, LLC.

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All donors, unless they ask to remain anonymous, will be listed on the donor list on the web site.  All donors will be provided with updates on the progress of the series. 


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